for mental health.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that 1 in 4 people will be affected by mental disorders at some point in their lives, placing mental illness amongst the leading causes of ill-health worldwide, with the most common being depression, anxiety and low self esteem, brought about by our increasing hectic lifestyles.


We believe the mind and the body are deeply connected, and just as the body can nourish the mind, the mind has the power to heal and transform the body. Mindfulness is a practice that involves slowing down and paying more attention to the present moment – to our own thoughts, feelings and to the world around us. Regular practice can help us find confidence, clarity and peace, to enjoy the world more and understand ourselves better. A few minutes practice each day has shown to lower heart rate, decrease stress hormones, increase 'feel good' endorphins and improve concentration, memory, and focus. Developing a new perspective through mindfulness, can help us cope better with emotional and physical pain and to combat stress so that we feel kinder, calmer, and more patient.


to nourish the body & mind.

We can all take steps to develop mindfulness in our own lives, regardless of age or physical ability. We can cultivate mindfulness in many ways, through practicing breathing, movement or body awareness techniques, repeating positive mantras or through our own personal favourite, Tea Meditation. We’ve developed a series of short and simple guided meditations and sound therapy audios to help you to get the most out of your tea time, making these ancient wellbeing practices as easy to incorporate into your busy life as your daily cup of tea.


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Singing Bowl Therapy

Nature Sound Rewilding

Chakra Tune Up

Tea Break Meditation

Guided Yoga Practice

Daily Mind Guide



Mindfulness meditation can improve mental health, reduce stress, help to relax and focus the mind. Start your mindful tea journey with our Tea Break Meditations, Sound Therapy audio series and Daily Mind Guide.

What is mindfulness?




Transform your tea break into a healing meditation practice. We've combined the benefits of herbal tea with the ancient practice of mindfulness meditation to create a simple but powerful tea ritual to help you achieve both physical and mental balance. Sign up for your free audio meditation series and Mind Guide.

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