Yang Tea Tonic Collection

Yang Tea Tonic Collection


The Yang Tea Tonic Collection contains dynamic and stimulating blends to warm and energise the systems of the body. Find immune support, digestive power and confidence in every cup.


Yin-yang Philosophy:

According to Taoist philosophy, good health is a state where opposing energies of yin (slow and cool) and yang ( dynamic and warm) are balanced in the body. When your yin-yang energies are in harmony and balanced, it leads to good physical, mental and emotional health. However, if your energy moves out of balance to either the yin or yang extremes this leads to ill-health. A balanced diet, mindset and lifestyle regime are all vital in helping maintain a healthy and harmonious energy flow. 


Our Yin and Yang tea tonic collections have been designed to help balance the yin and yang within you. 



How does yang affect the body? The yang qualities of energy are responsible for stimulating  and warming the body, and manifest as stamina and physical strength. When your body is yang deficient your bodily functions will begin to slow down and you’ll show signs of ‘coldness’. Yang energy is all about energetic, warm energy. It’s about strength, movement, stamina and performance.


Signs that you could benefit from Yang Tea Tonics;


  • coldness
  • sluggishness 
  • poor digestion
  • fatigued
  • demotivated
  • nervous
  • fearful




MOUNTAIN STABILITEA | Cleanse & Comfort |15 Tea Pyramids (Min. Net Wt. 37.5g) 

A warm and settling blend, inspired by yoga pose Mountain (Tadasana) to cleanse and fortify the digestive system, improve circulation and promote feelings of groundedness.


WILD THING SENSUALITEA | Indulge & Connect | 15 Tea Pyramids (Min. Net Wt 37.5g) 

A luxurious, feel-good blend, inspired by yoga pose Wild Thing (Camatkarasana) to delight the senses. Rich in vitamins and

mellow cocoa to enhance mood.


WARRIOR VITALITEA | Refresh & Energise |15 Tea Pyramids (Min. Net Wt. 37.5g). 

A zesty, wake-up blend, inspired by yoga pose Warrior (Virabhadrasana II) to boost the immune system, metabolism and energy, promoting feelings of power and confidence.

All products are certified organic. Soil Association License No: DA25672.


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