The Leaf Collective's New Website Launch!

Celebrate with us and enjoy discounts on all of our delicious tea tonics!

To celebrate the launch of our new website and the official start of summer, we’re raising a cup of delicious organic herbal tea, reflecting on the last few months, and looking forward to the next exciting stage for The Leaf Collective! This website has been a real labour of love for us, and we are really excited to share it with you!

Today is the longest day of the year, known as the Summer Solstice! The Summer season is a transition time for all of us, nature is bursting with energy and is in full bloom! For us, it's an important time to harness our inner fire and vitality, to transform the way we feel and think, set new intentions, drive towards our goals with confidence - believe and achieve!

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Our mission at The Leaf Collective is to combine the benefits of herbal tea, and of mindfulness techniques, to create a simple daily ritual to improve our health, happiness and longevity. An empowering practice of self-care, that is natural, inexpensive and accessible to all.

We believe, simply drinking superb quality organic herbal tea and practicing a few minutes of mindfulness daily can transform the way we think and feel, filling us with energy, a positive attitude and a strong rejuvenated body– fully equipped to cope with whatever life throws at us!

As a dynamic company we’re always looking to learn, improve and expand our range of products and practices. You’ll notice some new additions to our range including our super powdered green teas – the Mindful Matcha collection coming soon, and our eco-friendly Loose Leaf range, which we have loved developing over the last few months.

Also, some big developments to our wellbeing plan! Having had the pleasure of working alongside yoga experts, nutritionists and healers of all kinds, we’re proud to launch our Mindful Living Plan, a 100 point programme consisting of empowering mantra, meditation, yoga, nutritional advice and other inspiring practices, designed to fit into your busy life, restore and rejuvenate your body and mind!

We have many more exciting collaborations in the pipeline, were we’ll be exploring other natural products and practices to enhance your holistic lifestyle, so keep in touch and be the first to taste and trial!

We hope you’ll join us on our mission to rejuvenate the body and mind through the wonderful ritual of tea and mindfulness!

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Got a tea tale to tell? What's your go to tea for when you're feeling...? What does tea mean to you?

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Disclaimer: This blog should not be used for self-treatment purposes and by no means does it replace the opinion of a professional health care provider. Every herb, tea and drink are different and some people might respond to certain ingredients in a negative way. Most of the herbs mentioned on our site are likely safe for a healthy individual. However, please consult your doctor before including any new ingredient into your diet, especially if you are suffering from serious disease or taking medication. Do not replace professional medical help with self-treatments. The Leaf Collective does not take responsibility for misuse of information presented on this website.


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