Seasonal tea guide: how to improve your health with good tea and timing.

‘Tis always the season to drink tea, in our opinion. However, knowing what and when to drink can help you feel your best when transitioning into a new season, on a daily basis or even hour-to-hour within a single day.

Late spring is always the favourite time to talk about preparing your body for summer. However, other seasons are as important, and it's not only the body that needs to be the focus of our attention. Preparing for a new season doesn’t mean just losing weight and getting into shape. That shouldn’t be the only goal if you want to stay healthy and happy to successfully deal with the challenges a new season will bring. From UV rays to allergies, humidity or dry air, to seasonal tiredness, sluggishness and depression, there are ways you can prepare your body and mind with tea.

Choose the right tea type for the season

Light and fresh green teas full of antioxidants are a great choice for spring and summer. EGCg in green tea might protect skin from ageing caused by sun exposure, help treat skin problems and offer sun protection from the inside. Black and rooibos teas are a good choice for autumn and winter, when our bodies need more energy because the lack of daily sun, or help to digest heavier meals.

Stay hydrated

Changes in temperature can be stressful on the body and moving from heated spaces into the cold can lead to dehydration. Herbal tea is a healthy hydration alternative to sugary soft drinks or other stimulants like alcohol or coffee. Remaining hydrated throughout the day helps to maintain energy levels, good digestion, the elimination of toxins and cognitive function. Healthy herbal teas made with functional herbs like ginseng, echinacea and gotu kola offer additional benefits that support the immune system, improve concentration and enhance mood.

Begin a smart tea time routine

Get to know your herbals and start to incorporate them into your daily routine at the optimum time to really feel the benefits.

Morning - It's a good idea to start the day with warm, energising ayurvedic spices like cinnamon or ginger.

Midday - Combat sluggishness with green teas and citrus for an extra boost before midday. Afternoon and before or after meals - try digestive blends with soothing liquorice, peppermint or aniseed.

Evening - Unwind in the evening with caffeine free florals like chamomile or lavender, which help to relax the body and mind before bedtime.

Make your own detox tea

Detox tea often contains strong green or oolong tea and a few other herbs with a diuretic or laxative effect. Instead of unhealthy temporary weight loss, create your own detox blend at home. Choose a base of organic quality green tea blend and add fresh ingredients like lemon, lemongrass, ginger or stinging nettle to make a delicious morning cleanse, and red rooibos tea, fennel seed and burdock root may be an option after a heavy meal. Detox should never be used as a means of losing weight, but to help the body rejuvenate and cleanse from toxins and heavy food.

Fight allergies

Even allergies can be treated with tea. Benifuuki, a special Japanese tea cultivar has been used for producing green tea specifically targeted to reduce symptoms of hay fever[1]. Even a cup of regular green tea might have a potential anti-allergenic properties. To benefit from green tea consumption, we suggest a daily tea intake over several weeks, rather than having just one occasional random cup.

Care about your skin

While polyphenols in green tea might be beneficial for protecting skin from sun damage in the spring and summer months, theaflavins and thearubigins from black tea may help with the sun caused wrinkles, skin damage and improved moisture levels in the fall and winter months[2]. TIP: Use cooled teabags of any of our herbal blends placed over the eyelids to refresh and reduce puffiness or dark circles around the eyes.

Boost immune system before autumn and winter months

Lower your chances of getting infections, common colds and flu by boosting immune system before autumn and winter. Make your own immune boosting tea with green tea, ashwagandha, turmeric and honey. Or just add honey or vegan sweetener to our Warrior Vitalitea.

Fight winter depression

Lack of vitamin D, unhealthier diet and less activity may be a reason for winter sluggishness and depression. Studies suggest that tea consumption is linked with higher levels of vitamin D in blood during cold months, even with low sun exposure[3]. Adaptogens like ashwagandha, sweet liquorice, refreshing peppermint and ginkgo might help fighting stress, anxiety and depression.

Exfoliate with tea

Used tea leaves make for a great exfoliator. Each season requires small changes in skin care and exfoliating dead cells gives a great foundation for proper nourishment. Dry and crush the used tea leaves and try mixing them with coconut oil and himalayan pink salt.

You can drink most teas during any time of year, but some are more effective in certain conditions or at particular times of the day. According to the ancient practice of Ayurveda, drinking good quality herbal tea blends at the optimum time will helps to stoke the body's digestive fire, eliminate waste and toxins, create desired moods and ultimately gets the body's vital energy, known as 'prana', flowing.

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Disclaimer: This blog should not be used for self-treatment purposes and by no means does it replace the opinion of a professional health care provider. Every herb, tea and drink are different and some people might respond to certain ingredients in a negative way. Most of the herbs mentioned on our site are likely safe for a healthy individual. However, please consult your doctor before including any new ingredient into your diet, especially if you are suffering from serious disease or taking medication. Do not replace professional medical help with self-treatments. The Leaf Collective does not take responsibility for misuse of information presented on this website.


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