Blending Tea with Intention

A mindful tea journey with The Leaf Collective (TLC). Herbal tea centred around yogic and Ayurvedic intention, bringing harmony to the body & mind.

The Leaf Collective’s herbal teas are centred around yogic and ayurvedic intention as we are aware of the direct links between diet and health. The age old adage of “let(ting) food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” remains inherently relevant in a world that promotes fast over slow and processed over organic. Through the drinking of tea we prepare our physicality, spirit, and mentality for healing, clarity, and freedom from everyday burdens. This blog will delve into holistic health and the balancing of the mind, body, and emotional state through herbal tea tonics and mindfulness meditation techniques.

'Tea began as medicine and grew into a beverage'

There is a sacred, timeless, and medicinal art to tea which is practised all over the world that involves ritual, meditation, patience, and time. Black and green tea alone provide a vast array of health benefits but complex herbal formulas made up of fortifying plants, roots, fruits, flowers and spices have endless potential to tackle a multitude of complaints and health issues in a natural and organic way.

We see tea drinking as an ripe opportunity to improve the general health of millions of people.

Hot water is a bit of an all purpose holistic salve for the body. The obvious benefit is hydration and that’s skimming the surface of this very basic albeit impactful beverage. The warm liquid lubricates the digestive system and effectively eliminates waste while activating metabolism, producing a slimming effect. In addition to weight loss, hot water induces healthy blood flow circulation and releases toxins. The nervous system calms and stress decreases which may improve sleep and relieve anxiety. All of this potential found in a simple cup of hot water!

Thousands of years of ancient health wisdom captured in a simple cup of tea.

Now factor in the ancient wisdom of herbal science and remedies for optimal health. Pausing for a cup of tea in the throws of a busy day is an ingenious way to support the body, mind, and spirit. Imagine the impact on our general health if we substituted sugar and chemical laden drinks with hydrating herbal infusions which would restoratively complement the complex functions of the body. Each sip is a gateway to connection and self awareness.

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Disclaimer: This blog should not be used for self-treatment purposes and by no means does it replace the opinion of a professional health care provider. Every herb, tea and drink are different and some people might respond to certain ingredients in a negative way. Most of the herbs mentioned on our site are likely safe for a healthy individual. However, please consult your doctor before including any new ingredient into your diet, especially if you are suffering from serious disease or taking medication. Do not replace professional medical help with self-treatments. The Leaf Collective does not take responsibility for misuse of information presented on this website.


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