Meet TLC Founder, Emma...

With a background in biomedical, health and natural sciences, and a passion for herbal nutrition, yoga and meditation, I have spent many years researching the positive effects of tea and herbal blends on the body and mind. Tea drinking and meditative practices of some form or another are cultural phenomenon, experienced the world over. To me, these simple practices present an amazing opportunity for us all to take our health into our own hands.


Recognising that good quality fluids are essential to every function of the human body and that the mind and body are inextricably linked, such that balance in both is essential for our good health, I set out to develop a range of highly effective health boosting herbal tea blends, designed specifically to nourish and complement the whole person, body, mind and emotions.


My mission is to combine the benefits of herbal tea, and of mindfulness techniques, to create a simple daily ritual to improve our health, happiness and longevity. An empowering practice of self-care, that is natural, inexpensive and accessible to all.


I hope to inspire you to become aware of what you are drinking and of the benefits of herbals in maintaining good health. I also offer some simple mindful techniques that may assist you in becoming more mindful, present in the moment and mentally at ease. I believe making them part of our daily life can help us become better equipped to cope with our increasingly demanding lives.

I've met and had the privilege of working with lots of fantastic people whilst building The Leaf Collective - their attitudes, hard work and passions have inspired me and I'm very grateful to them and excited to develop my vision in partnership with such talented and devoted people. 

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Transform your tea break into a healing meditation practice. We've combined the benefits of herbal tea with the ancient practice of mindfulness meditation to create a simple but powerful tea ritual to help you achieve both physical and mental balance. Sign up for your free audio meditation series and Mind Guide.

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