The Leafa timeless symbol of nature, purity, growth and transformation.


Collectiveto form a whole; a group of entities that share a common belief.



At The Leaf Collective, our focus is on a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Our award winning range of organic tea blends are inspired by Ayurveda 'the science of living wisely’ and the practice of Yoga, meaning; 'coming together'. They have been expertly blended to encapsulate the principles and wisdom of these ancient Indian health systems. We create teas with intention. Ethically sourced, flavourful and functional blends to soothe the inner collective - mind, body and emotion. Deepening an awareness of ourselves and connection to the world around us. We believe, drinking consciously crafted tea and practicing a few minutes of mindfulness each day can significantly improve our health, making us more equipped to cope with the stresses of life.

Our mission is to create a modern tea ritual that combines the benefits of herbal tea and mindfulness, a sanctuary-like tea experience, designed to bring the body and mind into balance. We aim to revive ancient natural health and wellbeing traditions, making them accessible to all and as easy to incorporate into your busy life as your daily cup of tea.




We believe in the intelligence of nature and respect the natural health promoting complexity of whole foods. Every ingredient we use is organically grown for your health and the health of the farmers, the soil, and the water where it was produced. Our teas contain some of the world’s most well-known, nourishing and health boosting herbs. No added sugars, artificial additives, flavourings or preservatives.

Nature in its purest form is best.

We believe that long term health should be our foremost priority and tea should be carefully crafted and unadulterated. We set out to produce a quality product with integrity and purpose, cutting corners and short term cost savings are not our style. Our organic blends contain many exotic ingredients so naturally they cost a little more to produce but we never compromise on quality.

You get out what you put in.

For thousands of years, natural health traditions from across the world have used tea like preparations or ‘tonics’ made up of special herbs, to improve health. We collaborated with nutritionists and Master tea blenders to develop a range of 'smarter' teas that not only taste great but work for you. Our range is a celebration of natural health wisdoms that have been refined over thousands of years. This collective wisdom is captured in every blend, delivering pure, delicious goodness.

We can always grow and improve.

A holistic approach to health refers to a form of healing, attitude or lifestyle that considers the whole person – body, mind and emotions – in the quest for optimal health and wellness. We have drawn inspiration from the ancient Indian health system Ayurveda – a holistic system that advocates a diet enriched with healing herbs, yoga and meditation as a natural path to achieving good health, happiness and longevity.

Equally caring for the body and mind.

Often the simplest things in life are usually the easiest to pursue, enjoyable and work extremely well. Drinking good quality fluids and practicing a few minutes of mindfulness are simple ways to equally care for the body and mind, and improve your health. These methods can be used immediately, are inexpensive, and will give you positive short term then long term results which you will be able to see and feel within yourself.

Keeping it simple.

Tea is a cultural phenomenon that is experienced the world over; bringing people together and transforming lives. Our mission is to create a modern tea ritual that combines the benefits of herbal tea and mindfulness. A holistic tea experience that meets the needs of our hectic times, promoting togetherness and inner balance. With this we aim to make ancient, natural health and wellbeing practices accessible to all and as easy to incorporate into your busy life as your daily cup of tea.

Tea can bring us together.




Transform your tea break into a healing meditation practice. We've combined the benefits of herbal tea with the ancient practice of mindfulness meditation to create a simple but powerful tea ritual to help you achieve both physical and mental balance. Sign up for your free audio meditation series and Mind Guide.

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