Award Winning Tea with Intention

 Meditative teas that embody the healing principles of yoga.

Organic, plant-based, Ayurvedic and adaptogenic blends with benefits. 

Fill your cup & find your happy place, a space to grow & connect. 


Mindfully made in the UK.

Drink well

Our award winning blends are packed with wonderfully pure and potent natural health boosters - healing herbs, restorative spices, cleansing florals, revitalising fruits and fortifying roots. Our unique and authentic tea creations have bold flavours and functional health benefits. All blends are vegan friendly, organic, non GMO, in plastic free, biodegradable packaging and make a positive impact on people and planet. 

Think well

Our goal is to offer not only tea, but to transform the simple tea break into a healing meditation practice, to deepen an awareness of ourselves and connection to the world around us. We’ve developed a series of guided meditations, breathing practices and yoga techniques that you can access through your phone, tablet or laptop, at home, work or on the go. These simple 3-10 minute practices are easy to follow and have been specifically designed to enhance your tea break, to reset and restore balance, making you better equipped to deal with the stress of daily life.


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